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GCSE Physical Education


At Beaumont students study the specification set out by the Edexcel exam board; details of which can be found if you follow the link on the GCSE PE blog. Students are assessed in four practical activities, their ability to analyse and improve performance as well as their understanding of the theory content which ranges from anatomy and physiology, methods of training to reasons for participation in sport.

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The break down of assessment is as follows:

Practical: 48% (four activities with a maximum of three being games activities)
Analysis of performance and personal exercise plan: 12% (coursework)
Theory: 40% (written exam)

Course Aims

In providing the opportunity to study GCSE PE Beaumont PE Department hope's to offer students the chance to improve their all round practical ability; with students ultimatly specialising in four sports. The theory content of the course aims to provide students with the understanding of the effects physical activity can have on your mental, physical and social health and fitness. The content also provides students with the understanding of how and why physical activity should be maintained throughout life.

Where can it take you?

The GCSE PE course is a stepping stone to A level PE. This course is 70% theory and is an in depth study into human anatomy and phsyiology, sports psychology, the history of sport and skill acquisition. Students who study A Level PE have the opportunity to go on to study Physiotherapy, Sports and Exercise Science, Dance, Journalism, Sports & Leisure Management, Outdoor & Adventurous Activities, Physical Education, Marketing, Photography, Teaching...the list goes on.

Physical education is valued by employers who recognise that organisation, communication, leadership, social skills, motivation and good health are essential for success in the workplace.

Who can study GCSE PE?

Most importantly students should enjoy physical activity and have an interest in human biology and the effects of physical activity on the body and mind. By the end of year 9 students who are considering the course should have reached a level 6a or above in four sports OR have an interest in officiating or leading sport, both of which can be used as assessments that contribute towards the practical grade. Students who may not have reached a level 6a in four sports also have the option of being assessed in sports that take part in outside of school. The GSCE PE practical performance area's are also very varied; it is worth looking at the specification link or Edexcel website to see the range of sports. Alternativley you can get a copy from PE.

Physical Education is an excellent course for those considering careers in elite sport, coaching, teaching, sports and/or any of the university courses listed in above.

If students or parents have any questions relating to the GCSE PE course dont hesitate to contact me.

Miss Moody