External Practical Assessment Guide


If you take part in a sport outside of school that you would like to be assessed for one of your four practical performances you must provide evidence and assessment from a qualified coach/instructor based on the criteria set by Edexcel.

You can access the criteria through the 'practical criteria' page; this will tell you what you need to do to get top marks for the sport you wish to use. Your performance should be marked out of ten using the tracking grid on the second page of the criteria. The front page details the skills you need to demonstrate in isolation.

Your teacher can also print you off a copy of the criteria.

The evidence you need to provide is as follows:

  1. A video of your performance. Start the video by introducing yourself (full name). The video must be clear i.e. you are able to see the performance and the performer easily. The video must include the skills you must perform for the assessment e.g. the particular stroke for swimming or move for tae kwon do.
  2. A letter from your coach/instructor in which he/she gives the mark out of ten. The letter must also include the name, address and qualification of your coach/instructor as well as a brief explanation of his/her experience.

If you intend to use a sport which is assessed outside of school you must provide the evidence as soon as possible. If the evidence is not suitable it must be changed or you will not be able to use the mark gained. All final practical assessment takes place in March (for current year 11’s that is March 2012). Therefore evidence MUST be handed before the Christmas break if you are in year 11.

The date of the performance you intend to use MUST be within the two year you have been studying the course.

If you do not have an instructor/coach; you may be able to provide you P.E. teacher with the video and they will assess you.  This is dependent on the sport you are being assessed in.

If you have any questions speak to your teacher as soon as possible.

Miss Moody