Personal Exercise Plan

You will have been given your own PEP. It contains all the content you need to complete in order to gain full marks.
NOW read the 7 steps to success to help you gain TOP marks in your coursework.

7 Steps to success...

Step 1: You will start you PEP by selecting a sport your would like to improve in; it does not have to be a sport you play outside of school. It should be a sport you are hoping to use as one of your four assessments.

Step 2: Based on the sport you have chosen you need to set three goals which are SMART! (check your textbook if you do not recognise this!!!)

Step 3: Now you have set your goals you can plan your training. Your PEP should consist of a minimum of 6 weeks of training which has been logged. You MUST select the correct training methods to achieve the goals you have set. You MUST consider what you have access to!! You will follow either continuous, circuit or aerobic training atleast once a week in school. If you have set goals that cannot be achieved through these methods you MUST be training outside of school in order to achieve them e.g. at a club or with a coach.

Step 4: How do you know the training is working? ....You need think select appropriate fitness tests to assess how well training is going i.e. are you achieving your goals. These tests should be carried out at the beginning, middle and end of your PEP.

Step 5: Now you are ready to start your training. Each training session must be logged in your PEP. Comment on your post exercise pulse rate and how you can use this to assess how hard you are working e.g. "My PEPR was 120 bpm. My target training zone is between 130 and 170. In my next session I need to increase the intensity. " Comment on the immediate effects of exercise e.g. my heart rate increased, I felt hot and breathless. I struggled to keep up with the pace of the circuit and had to stop a couple of times to rest and recover at each station.

A detailed summary of each session will show you can use correct terminology, understand the effects of exercise, enable you to set specific targets AND give you a basis for a detailed evaluation at the end of your six weeks of training.

Step 6: It is vital that your set SMART targets at the end of each week of training. Your targets should be short term i.e. "Next week I aim to to run one more lap on the cooper run test; from 10 to 11 laps (progressive ovverload)" ; "As I experience DOMS and felt very tired at the end of this week I will apply the principle of rest and recovery to avoid overtraining and injury"

More examples of training logs and SMART targets can be found in the front of your PEP book so have a look!!

Step 7: Now evaluate!

To evaluate means to discuss the ‘worth of’ i.e. was it worth it!! So you need to ask yourself some important questions:

1. Did you achieve your goals? E.g. I achieved my first goal of improving my cardiovascular fitness; my heart rate graphs show that my recovery rate has improved by …… and I achieved four more laps on the cooper run test (8 laps in week 1 to 12 laps in week 6 see page …. For results).

In the example statement above it is clear that your fitness levels have improved and showed clear and appropriate evidence.
2. Are there any goals that failed to achieve? Why? i.e. where your goals SMART? How could you adapt your goal for a future PEP?

3. How did you find the training methods you used? E.g. “I enjoyed the circuit training and found setting myself weekly targets motivated” or “I found the circuit training boring, I would prefer cross training and will use I in my training to increase my motivation and improve performance”.
4. How would you change your PEP for next time? E.g. I did not apply progressive overload successfully; I need increase the frequency and intensity of my training if I am to reach
my goals; for example….
5. Did yor training improve your performance? E.g if you are training for netball have you seen/felt an improvement in your performance during training or games? i.e. felt less fatigued throughout the game and was able to maintain high skill level throughout, I noticed increase in my pace to the ball etc...

How am I marked?

To gain 4/4 in your PEP follow the steps above which will lead you to produce...A PEP that shows clear evidence of a well designed programme which shows improvement in your personal fitness levels.
This improvement in your personal fitness should lead to improvement in your performance.
Your PEP must include correct terminology e.g. principles of training, references to heart rate, long and short term effects of exercise with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.