Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Where can I find exam questions to practice!!??

Option 1: Follow the 'Past Exam Papers' link under Useful Links on the right hand side. You will find pdf. documents to download which are exam papers & mark schemes than go back to 2007!!

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page its past the physical education section.

Remember you are the first year to take the new specification which means not all the questions apply to you AND there will be some topics missing. Use your bible to and textbook to find out what applys first!!

Option 2: Follow the Edexcel Specification link on the right of the page "Useful Links".

Scroll down on the page and click on relevant topics like 'Mark scheme's'....'Question Paper'....'Exam Questions' and you will find a world of past exam papers and mark schemes.

I will also add exam questions to this site over Easter..including how to tackle 6 mark questions.

Happy Hunting

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