Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Year 10 Mock revision guide

Date: Monday 2 June 2014

Revision Resources:

- Edexcel textbook
- PEpods can be found on the VLE for all topics
- Past papers can be downloaded from the VLE and the Edexcel PE page (see link on PE blog) or the Edexcel past papers App.
- All revision resources are on CRL/StudentArea/PE/YR11/GCSE/Revisionresources
- Your modular tests 1 2 and 3.

Revision Guide:

Use your Edexcel textbook to identify area's within each topic.

Topic 1.1.1 Healthy, active lifestyles and how they benefit you

Topic 1.1.2 Influences on your healthy, active lifestyle

Topic 1.1.3 Exercise and fitness as a part of your healthy, active lifestyle

Topic 1.1.4 Physical activity as a part of your healthy, active lifestyle

Topic 1.1.5 Your personal health and wellbeing

Topic 1.2.1 Physical activity and your healthy mind and body
Performance - enhancing and recreational drugs, risk assessment and prevention of injury will not be included in your mock paper. All other areas in this topic will be included.

Good luck !

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